1   Acquisition of Membership

  1. Membership in COSSCOM shall  be open to  all  South  Sudanese decent, their spouse and  family members in Manitoba, eighteen (18) years of age and  above;
  2.  It shall   also   be open to  individuals and   organizations who  have interest in assisting COSSCOM  to achieve its goals and  objectives and  willing  to adhere to the rules of this organization;
  3. Membership in COSSCOM shall  be acquired upon filling  and  submission of a form  and  payment of applicable fees as  set  from  time to time  by  the General Assembly;
  4. COSSCOM  Executive body shall  be the deciding authority on  memberships application and  proof eligibility requirements;
  5. The Executive Committee reserves the right to accept or reject an  application for  membership  in  COSSCOM   when, in  their  judgment,  admission of  such person would be detrimental to the objectives and  activities of the organization;
  6. Associate and  Honorary members shall  maintain their status in COSSCOM  by sponsoring events and/or activities of the organization provided that  they are approved by the General Assembly;


2   Categories of Membership

There shall  be three categories of Membership in the Organization:

  1. Regular Membership: Individuals of South  Sudanese descent, 18  years and above and  legal residents of Manitoba;

3   Associate Membership

Associate Membership shall;

  1. Be friends of South Sudan and COSSCOM  who would be prepared to comply by the rules and  regulations of the organization;
  2. b. Attend meetings of the organization, shall  not vote or contest;
  3. May pay  membership fees/dues;

4    Honorary Membership

An Honorary member shall;

  1.  Be recognized individuals or  organizations with  demonstrable interest in  the COSSCOM  who  have rendered notable and  outstanding service to the organization;
  2. May attend meetings or events of the organization
  3. Have no voting right and  not subject to memberships’ dues/fees requirements;