1     To  assist South  Sudanese  immigrants and   their families in  Manitoba to  fully integrate and  participate meaningfully in the Canadian Society;

2     To seek and  provide information and  resources to strengthen the educational, cultural, social and  economic capacities of the South Sudanese in Manitoba;

3     To foster unity  and  mutual understanding  among and  between South  Sudanese in Manitoba and  Canada through collaborative activities;

4    To educate the members and  the Canadian public about South Sudan’s history  culture, traditions and  the diversity of its people;

5     To work  with professionals in the community and  the wider Canadian society to provide  counseling  and    psychological  support  to   all   South                              Sudanese  in Manitoba;

6     To partner with  the management of the South  Sudanese Community Centre to host  events and   activities that  will  promote the image and   interest of                   South Sudanese in Manitoba;

7    To  organize from  time to  time fundraising activities to  support COSSCOM’ s initiated projects and  programs;

8     To assist members that  are  unemployed by linking them to  those that  might know  of job opportunities;

9     To work  in cooperation with other local  organizations for any  purpose intended for the overall benefit of the members such  as (but not limited to)                           collaboration for fundraising;

10  To  serve as  a  medium and   link  between the South  Sudanese  community in Manitoba  and   the    diplomatic missions of  the Republic  of  South   Sudan            in Canada;