Community Center

The South Sudanese community centre was acquired in 2006, currently the principal home and property of the South Sudanese community in Manitoba.  A group of voluntarily united members of the community stepped up to meet the common social, cultural needs and importantly aspirations of this community through a voluntarily and democratically administered Centre.

The centre provides an opportunity for education in a democratic practice and citizenship through member- participation and voluntary management.  The centre is a catalyst to our unity as a community and to integration into our canadian society because it bring the community together through culturally relevant programs  and Multicultural activities and Folklorama.  It provides the community and all Canadian with opportunities  to come together to meet, play and share information for self improvement.

The centre is democratically government through its bylaws with a two year term in the office.  The first management body for the centre was elected in 2012 and Mr. Beda Otwari (2013-2015) became the first Chairman succeeded by Mr. Michael Hakim Apollo.

Nov 15 2015 217        michael hakim

Beda Otwari – Chairman BoD ( 2013-2015)        Michael Hakim Apollo Current Chairman.